At Innovirtua we believe in the virtual organization's liberating capacity for society, addressing the most pressing problems of our time. Social and economic inequality, environmental and energy issues, participatory democracy, increasing the efficacy of economic activity, remote working and individual health requirements, a good life/work balance, as well as ushering in the as yet undiscovered.

We believe that people hope to belong to socially conscious and responsible organizations. We travel the road to redefining the "personality" of an organization, both in marketing terms and in the context of a creative, pragmatic and practical attitude for work. We aim to provide stratagems for the new 21st century, socially responsible organization, allowing forward-thinking organizations to change the game by:


Designing a sustainable business model, for a mindful future

Creating competitive advantage, through prudent innovation

Evolving holistically, being aware of wider implications

Balancing pragmatic and creative decision making

Advocating passionately for social and economic justice